Pi (3.14 or 3,14)
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fenririel Posted Fri 22 May, 2015 4:58 AM Quote
Alright, this question I made it outside the site, in a Facebook group, but I think is a good reason to make some noise:

Trivia Question: name and upload a picture with the Pi number (3.14 or 3,14, according to your customs) references within Travis videos.

I know for sure there are 3 videos with Pi number reference. And two of them have a time format (namely 3:14)

Re: Pi (3.14 or 3,14)
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paul_c Posted Thu 27 Aug, 2015 11:08 PM Quote
Don't have pictures, but 3.14 is annotated as a time in the video for 'Turn' and the clock on the wall in the supermarket during the 'Closer' video is at 3.14...

I also remember hearing that the green circle in the video for 'More Than Us' was something to do with it, and that's why the calendar is on '31' at the start of that video and changes to '4' at the end.

Also, 'Side' is about circles only having one side - so surely that's to do with it too...

What do I win? :D
Re: Pi (3.14 or 3,14)
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fenririel Posted Sun 30 Aug, 2015 2:44 AM Quote
My admiration, of course! I didn't know the one from Closer :P and yes, More Than Us has a reference too.
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