More trax for All Access Site
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Swan269 Posted Wed 15 Jan, 2014 10:53 PM Quote
I wish we had some newer tunes for the all access site. Its been a while.

Hope everyone is having a good new year so far.
Re: More trax for All Access Site
Dypebooggep Posted Fri 17 Jan, 2014 3:22 PM Quote
Happy new year everyone!

Yeah hopefully they will add some new songs but if they don't I'll be ok since the record is so good and we got 3 'extra tracls' thanks to the AAA section. What would be great though is to be able to download them as Fran said earlier.
Re: More trax for All Access Site
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turner150990 Posted Sat 07 Jun, 2014 3:21 PM Quote
Couldn't agree more that downloading these tracks would be great.

I did think there would be a few more to make the AAA CD split into more colours to match the physical copy of the album as opposed to just the 4.

Upon reading about the sheer volume of gigs and festivals the Band have scheduled this year I think that they have just been too busy to tend to the AAA.

Fran did say in the January Barrowlands gig that he was writing some new stuff so there could be an interesting end to this year or start to the next :)
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