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babbelerik Posted Sat 27 Jul, 2013 3:14 AM Quote
So it's 04,09 in the morning. Me and my bassist friend are at the rehearsal with a laptop, and we decide to go on chatroulette. I sit with and acoustic guitar and suddenly there is a guy on the screen, from Portugal, probably around the age of 40. The very first thing he says is; "can you play luv?"

I say to my pal like "no, can't be it... can't be..."

Then the man says "With Travis"

And we go mental

So I play luv and then he asks for Falling down, which is a bit trickier since I can't do it on guitar. So I play some sort of melody-wise rendition of it.. so that he'll see I know the song.

I told him to get on here aswell.

Anywayss,,,, what are the odds for that?
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