Please don't do Toronto show at Sound Academy!
Dypebooggep Posted Mon 08 Jul, 2013 8:12 PM Quote
Dear Travis, management, etc...

I live in Toronto and was ecstatic to see a live show scheduled in Toronto on September 25. However, then I saw that the show is to be held at the Sound Academy. As a Torontonian and a music lover, please consider changing the venue from Sound Academy. It was a nghtclub "converted" to a concert hall but it just doesn't work. It is in the middle of nowhere and very hard to commute there and back home at night. The acoustics are abysmal and the due to it being designed as a nightclub, you cannot see the band unless you are at the front.

Just check the reviews on Yelp and the ever growing Facebook group "Fans Don't Let Bands Play at Sound Academy"

I know bands that have realized this in the past and changed the venue (with the clause that they will honour Sound Academy tickets) and I am hoping Travis will do the same. I really want to see the band live but only playing in Toronto one day at such a bad venue is souring the deal. Please consider it!

From a loving fan
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