Toronto, but not Vancouver?
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rjdennison Posted Thu 20 Jun, 2013 7:38 PM Quote
Wow guys, I'm devastated you won't have a west coast Canadian date on your tour. I see Toronto gets some love, but it's such a shame that you'll be all the way out to the US coast and won't be stopping by Vancouver.

Vancouver's such a vibrant live music scene, it's a shame all your fans out here won't have a chance to see you.

Best of luck with the album, you can count on my preorder regardless ;)

Re: Toronto, but not Vancouver?
Dypebooggep Posted Thu 11 Jul, 2013 8:45 PM Quote
Yeah it sucks that Travis are only going to 1 place in the whole of Canada. I want to see them live but I have to drive down to Toronto which is like a 5 + hour drive. But maybe next time they'll play in more places :)
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