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Scottish Dubliner
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Scottish Dubliner Posted Sun 13 Nov, 2011 7:52 PM Quote
I'm single right now and quite happy with that shit but everybody has an "Our Song". The last two for me are quirky rather than romantic...

Where Do You Go To My Lovely ?? actually had this playing on our first proper "date"

Jump Around was once told I looked like Erik Shroder (sp?) must have been the beard.

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mili Posted Sun 13 Nov, 2011 8:57 PM Quote
Steve Earle's The Other Kind is probably closest to "our song" there is. As the early stages of our relationship was conducted by letters, tapes and long distance phone calls, we never really developed that "our song" (I remember songs from the tapes he sent and vice versa). This song signifies the first road trips we took together before we lived together, it's the anthem of hitting the road from the mix tape for the journey.

The song for a previous relationship was probably this (Prince's 1999), as it was during this song at a party the affair started [rolling eyes].
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Turtleneck Posted Sun 13 Nov, 2011 10:25 PM Quote
Don and I don't have an "our song." Either the car he had when we were first dating didn't have a radio, or the car was so LOUD that we couldn't listen to it and still talk (I don't remember which). Anyway, we just never really developed a song that was special to us.
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deebee Posted Mon 14 Nov, 2011 11:35 AM Quote
Ummmm again we don't officially have our special song but a song that marked the beginning of our time together is "November Rain" Guns n Roses. I haven't heard this for years though.
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