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Travis (of course!), Beatles, Coldplay,Ok Go, Doors, Oasis, The Tings Tings, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, Razorlight,Lou Reed, The Libertines, U2, Radiohead, Boyce Avenue, Damien Rice, Louise Attaque, Nada Surf, Jeff Buckley, Queen, Beck, Thirteen Senses, Renaud, The Raconteurs ....
All the Tim Burton's movies, some Monty Python's ...
Le Parfum, Harry Potter ...
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Rammsfer Feb-16-10 3.59am
Wow, that's weird he! Well I hope you're better now :D Keep taking care :)
Rammsfer Feb-12-10 4.37am
No problem! Don't worry. I'm ok, but, are you better now? 2 weeks. Damn, that's not good. I hope you're ok! I'm glad it wasn't swine flu or something more dangerous. Take care please! :D
Rammsfer Feb-7-10 1.40am
Hey, are you ok?
Rammsfer Jan-25-10 10.50pm
Haha it must be :P It was kinda boring hehe, you know, first days are always boring xD At least in my school lol. We did nothing! I already miss vacations haha. Thanks for asking ;) Oh that's not good! Are you ok? I hope you get better soon :D
Rammsfer Jan-24-10 10.55pm
Or you're afraid of a nice fall who brokes your arm or something xD Hehe yes it's kinda complicated, but yeah it think we're in the same grade too ;)
Rammsfer Jan-20-10 11.23pm
Oh, good news then :D Hahaha xD We all have a first time ;) Might be fun, sad, terrific...but always a first time. Mmm I think it's right, but it's wrong in some part. It is 11th in scholar grades, but in High School grades it is second grade. Same as me :D
Rammsfer Jan-20-10 1.26am
Wow, that must hurt :S Are you ok? Hope you are! Haha and yes it must be hard! I can't imagine how is gonna be when I try for the first time xD Mmm here is the other way, pre-exams are easier thant the finals one. That's the way it should be, I think. Class? I don't understand, we have grades here, I am in high school (or preparatory), second grade or year. We have many classes.
Rammsfer Jan-18-10 11.10pm
No problem :) Wow! Skiing must be cool :D How was it? I have never do that =/ Hopefully soon, cause it seems to be cool. Ehh, those exams must be a pain! I have exams every two months, and every six months we have the final ones (which are those difficult). Anyway, school is hard sometimes xD Australia is cool too! Although it is like 18 hours from here in airplane xD I prefer Europe! Oh...lovely Europe!
Rammsfer Jan-13-10 6.41pm
Those are good news ;) Rain is cool too...sometimes. Actually, I prefer just cloudy days without rain and all that. They're cool. What the...4 hours?! Why is it that long? :S And what subject the exam is about? Hehe don't worry ;) I hope to visit France one day too! I love London (and Manchester) is one of my dreams, visit England, and all UK.
Rammsfer Jan-13-10 12.29am
Wow, more snow? :O That should be disgusting xD A few days are ok, but a lot of snow should be boring...and disturbing too. Haha, and you want to do it or no? Good luck btw! Yes! Of course! You're more than welcome :D
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